Mask Away the Day

This has been such a stressful week for me with several major projects to complete, preparing for three upcoming meetings, and planning for a quick trip to DC.  Thanks to a partnership with Masked Beauty, I was able to relax with the Purifying Charcoal & Diamond Mask and the Exfoliating Coffee & Chocolate Mask.

I have tried many facial masks over the years, but I must say, I absolutely LOVE Masked Beauty products.  Pure Kaolin, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Beeswax, Caffeine, and Flower Extracts are the high-performance ingredients you will find in Masked Beauty products.

First, let me tell you about the Purifying Charcoal & Diamond Mask. It’s beyond satisfying.  The texture of the Purifying Charcoal & Diamond Mask is light, creamy and perfect. The smell is beautiful and natural.  I could practically smell all of the high-performance ingredients as I applied the mask. The smell was so divine.  It was as though the mask was freshly prepared and mixed just for my application.

A silicone facial mask brush was included with the mask, so I used it to apply the product on my skin.  I love the brush.  No messy fingers!

I truly had a professional spa treatment right in the comfort of my home. The mask felt great on my skin throughout the application and drying process.  After I removed the mask, my skin was left feeling so soft and hydrated.

Next, I tried the Exfoliating Coffee & Chocolate Mask.  True aromatherapy!  It smells like the most amazing coffee and chocolate mixture you could imagine.  I used the Exfoliating Coffee & Chocolate Mask to tackle the areas of my face that clearly showed signs of stress. The mask has a thick texture, but it’s easy to apply using the silicone facial mask brush or even your fingers.  It felt so good on my skin.  Honestly, it was like having dessert and a facial at the same time.  I applied the mask, gently massaged it into my skin, allowed it to sit for 5-10 minutes and then I removed the mask. I used warm water and lathered the mask as part of the removal process.  As I lathered the mask, I could feel the coffee beans gently exfoliating my skin.  Wow!  This seemed to intensify the coffee and chocolate aroma to my delight.

Afterward, my face felt amazing.  I can’t wait to use the Exfoliating Coffee & Chocolate Mask again.  Truly relaxing!  I could totally feel the difference with my skin immediately.

Get your Masked Beauty products in Ohio at Marc’s or Meijer. If your in another state, try Hy-Vee, Weis, Safeway, Albertans or Kinney Drugs.

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