Sweater Coat




Sometimes the best fashions are discovered by accident.  I was out shopping with my daughter.  She was looking for a specific dress.  We decided to visit Burlington to see if we could find the perfect dress.  Turns out, my daughter found three dresses that met her standards.  She took all three dresses to the fitting room to determine if she would purchase at least one of the dresses for an event she was planning to attend.

As she was trying on several different looks, I began to roam through the aisles at Burlington when I discovered this amazing sweater coat by Project.  It’s simply amazing.  It is so soft and beautiful.  I can wear it with anything.  For this look, I chose to wear it with JLo jeans and Ugg boots.  It’s a comfortable and casual look.

I find the best fashions when I least expect it.

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