My Introduction to Tiffany


I love jewelry that dangles!  That’s why the Tiffany & Co. charm necklace and bracelet are my favorite pieces for everyday wear.  The sterling silver jewelry is timeless.  I purchased the necklace and bracelet over 10 years ago while vacationing in Chicago.

Recently, I discovered that you can add charms to the bracelet and Tiffany & Co. has hundreds of charms to choose from.  I decided to purchase the Tiffany & Co. shopping bag charm in sterling silver with a Tiffany blue enamel finish.  I love it! I even selected matching nail polish for my manicure to complement the charm.

Of course, I needed a ring as well, so I selected the dangling heart ring.  All three pieces are perfect for daily wear or for special occasions.

I recommend Tiffany & Co. sterling silver jewelry as your first introduction to Tiffany jewelry.  I always thought Tiffany & Co.

was out of my price range until I discovered these timeless pieces, so visit Tiffany & Co. soon.  Don’t be discouraged or intimidated.  There are several affordable jewelry options in sterling silver.

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